(BKP-10) Big Kelvin Probe


(BKP-10) Big Kelvin Probe

  • Multiple replaceable heavy duty tip styles available (not included)- BKP-B, BKP-H and BKP-F
  • Excellent for making four-wire surface resistance measurements.
  • 0,19″ (4,8 mm) pin spacing
  • Cable Length: 10′ (3,0 m)
  • 3/4″ spacing dual banana plugs
  • Compatible with most manufacturer’s meters
  • Compatible with TEGAM R1L-B, R1L-BR, R1L-BR1 and R1L-D1

Big Kelvin Probe

Banana Connector

Big Kelvin Probe, banana connector

Other Probes Available:

  • Miniature coaxial probe (MCP-6)
  • Miniature kelvin probe (MKP-6)