(MCP-6) Miniature Coaxial Probe


(MCP-6) Miniature Coaxial Probe

  • Precision Resistance Measurements in tighter spaces
  • 0,06″ (1,5 mm) Pin Spacing
  • Cable Length: 6′ (1,8 m)
  • 3/4″ spacing Dual Banana Plugs
  • Probe comes with the pins installed
  • Compatible With Most Manufacturer’s Meters
  • Compatible with TEGAM R1L-B, R1L-BR, R1L-BR1 and R1L-D1

Miniature Coaxial Probe

with Banana Connector

The coaxial Kelvin probe comes with a spring-loaded center pin for voltage detection, while the outer pin provides the reference current. The test leads are 6 feet long and are terminated with dual banana plugs. The probe comes with the pins installed. Ideal for precision resistance measurements in tighter spaces. Outer pin diameter is 0,06 in (0,15 cm). The inner tip diameter is 0,4 mm. Cable length – 6 ft Replaceable Pin Options: P/N MCP-A (2 pins)

Other Probes Available:

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  • Miniature Kelvin Probe (MKP-6)