Termometr 1000078

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Termometr 1000078

  • Accuracy: ±(0.04% rdg +0.3°C)
  • Range: -418°F to 3308°F
  • Resolution: 0,1/1°C/°F/K
  • Input Type: K, J, T , E, B, N, R & S
  • Probe Offset
  • 1 000 Hour Battery Life
  • Displays Real-Time Statistical Data
  • Data Logging and Wireless Transmission Capability
  • Creative Ergonomic Design
  • Three Year Warranty
  • Two Year Calibration Guarantee
  • Made in USA
  • Bluetooth® low energy wireless technology
  • MIL SPEC Shock, Drop & Vibration Rated
  • Washable
  • 1 000 Hour Battery Life
  • Accurate: ±(0,04% rdg + 0,3°C)
  • Foam-Filled Hard Carry Case INCLUDED
  • 17025 Calibration Certification
  • EU Declaration of Conformity
  • 911-912 User Installed Tilt Stand/Magnetic Hanger Included
  • 2 Year Calibration Guarantee and 3 Year Warranty
  • Optional Developers’ Kit SDK available here (Brochure included with kit)
  • Tri-Shaped Type T Hypodermic Probe INCLUDED
  • Additional Probes Sold Separately See Probes Here

Single Input
K, J, T, E, B, N, R & S

The Model 931B is a single channel digital thermometer compatible with type K, J, T, E, B, N, R & S thermocouple probes to provide a wide range of temperature measurements, (-418 °F to 3308 °F) and boasts a 1000 hour battery life using three AA batteries. The 931B provides dependable and uninterrupted portable measurement capability without expensive batteries, AC adapters or chargers.

This kit includes everything you will need to begin measuring and logging-temperature data. The kit comes with a Tri-Shape T-Type Hypodermic probe, foam-filled hard carry case and user-installed tilt stand/magnetic hanger. A unique benefit to owning the 1000078 931B kit is the peace of mind in knowing that your measurements are ISO certified via the 17025 Calibration certification. Also included with this kit are a quick-start guide and Software Development Kit brochure.

The easiest data logging function available allows users to accurately record and store up to 1000 time-stamped measurements. An unlimited number of data points may be collected when used with a Bluetooth® version 4.0 compatible wireless phone, tablet or PC either locally or on the freely accessible cloud server running TEGAM Thermometer Link for Android or for Apple iOS. This seamless connectivity allows the user to collect, transmit and store accurate temperature data for analysis or compliance reporting without any additional or third party software.

The creative ergonomic design makes these instruments easy to hold, easy to read and easy to clean. Designed for one-handed operation, these tools are comfortable to carry and use for extended periods of time. The heavy-duty case is specifically designed for durability and resistance to contaminants such as dust and chemicals. The smooth, sleek, seamless case means that cleaning is quick and certain.

Real-time statistical data increases user productivity, process efficiency and product quality. Displayed on-demand, MIN, MAX, AVG, RNG and STDEV (standard deviation) provide critical process information and diagnostics that allow the user to analyze manufacturing processes on the fly and make immediate adjustments for maximum efficiency and quality.

Like all TEGAM products, our thermometers are designed, assembled and tested in the United States. TEGAM backs this durable instrument with a standard 3 year warranty and a 2 year calibration guarantee to insure that your instrument is ready to use when you need it.

Dual Input Thermometer is also available in our 932B model