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    Single Phase Test Adapter with Type 1 Plug for Testing for the Effectiveness of Protective Measures at Electrical Charging Stations with the Profitest Master, Simulating Fictitiously Connected Electric Vehicles and Simulating the Current-Carrying Capacity of Cord Sets per IEC 61851-1

    Vehicle Simulation (CP) Vehicle states A through E are selected with a rotary switch.
    Cable Simulation (PP) via permanently wired cable coding
    Fault Simulation Simulation of a short-circuit between CP and PE by means of a rotary switch
    Indication of Phase Voltages via LEDs


    VDE tests in accordance with IEC 61851can be conducted at electrical charging stations with the help of the PRO-Typ I test adapter in combination with the PROFITEST MTECH+ or MXTRA test instrument. The test adapter triggers the charging process by simulating an electric vehicle. Only by means of simulation is the charging station’s outlet energized so that it can be tested with the PROFITEST MTECH+ or MXTRA test instrument. The range of applications includes R&D and service.

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