SDK-93X Thermometer Developers’ Kit

SDK-93X Thermometer Developers’ Kit

Data SDK-93X Thermometer Developers’ Kit

  • TEGAM 931B or TEGAM 932B Data Collection Thermometers (must be purchased separately)
  • Bluetooth LE radio dongle
  • Example Windows 10 executable application, source code, and build instructions that implement all the features of the 930 series thermometer
  • Example Code for iOS and Android™ Apps
  • Data Connector ready-to-use system tray application for linking TEGAM 930-Series Data Thermometer and a Windows PC
  • Documentation for Bluetooth LE interface
  • Invitation to private TEGAM User Forum for Q & A and Technical Support

Easily Integrate our Data Collection Thermometer

Into Your Existing Software System
Developers’ Kit Brochure

Design a temperature data collection application that fits the way you do business! Integrate the TEGAM Data Collection Thermometer into your existing food safety system with the TEGAM Developers’ Kit. This kit provides all the tools you need to develop custom mobile and Microsoft Windows®* applications compatible with the TEGAM family of data collection thermometers.

The Developers’ Kit* includes sample executable Windows, Android, and iOS applications, along with source code and a Bluetooth Low Energy wireless dongle.* The Developers’ kit is compatible with TEGAM’s single-channel 931B, and dual-channel 932B Data Collection Thermometers.

*Used with permission from Microsoft
*The Developer’s Kit is sold “as-is” and is designed for application programmers familiar with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) in addition to asynchronous call-backs for their selected platform. TEGAM will provide limited support to qualified developers.